“FX Risk Transfer” – Risk Management and Efficient Trade Execution in a Distributed Wholesale Market Structure

This makes foreign exchange an essential requirement for risk reduction (hedging) through a transfer of FX risk, and for foreign currency payments.

The latter being a composite product consisting of an FX risk transfer and a payment component. Lately, this payment component has attracted considerable interest, as innovation has driven improvements to the customer experience. more...

Modular Financial Technologies launches new automated FX risk management and execution solution

Modular Financial Technologies’ new technology/software solution empowers FX market participants to access wholesale markets, transact efficiently in a complex and rapidly evolving market structure and scale their operations at the lowest cost.
Modular Financial Technologies, a technology solutions provider for wholesale financial markets, launched a new automated market risk management and execution solution for Foreign Exchange (FX). more...

Products & Services

  • Analytics
    • Transaction Cost Analysis
    • Foreign Currency Variance Analyzer
  • Financial Risk Management Technology:
    • Algorithmic Execution
    • Risk Management
    • Automated Pricing/Price Distribution
    • Conversion Engine
    • Execution Engine
    • Distributed Risk Management

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About us


About Modular Financial Technologies

Modular Financial Technologies Limited was founded in 2015 by financial market industry experts, to leverage advances in technology and bring wholesale financial market expertise, analytics and technology to a wider range of businesses.

Technological advances and a maturing of the electronic marketplace now make wholesale markets accessible to all participants at lower cost, without significant up-front investment and development costs.

Our solutions are high performance, flexible and scalable and prepare our clients for future developments, both in banking and capital markets technology as well as financial markets and services regulation. They also greatly extend access to the “risk transfer” product of wholesale financial markets.

We service the full range of clients, from banks and financial services firms, corporate and institutional clients to payment services providers and innovative business models such as peer-to-peer platforms, empowering Financial Markets participants to access wholesale markets, transact in a complex and rapidly evolving market structure and scale their operations at the lowest cost.

Management Team

Stephan von Massenbach, CEO

Stephan is an experienced financial markets professional and FX product specialist. He has worked in a number of senior e-FX and FX management roles, most recently as Head of FX e-Commerce responsible for the strategic build out of a robust and scalable system for the management and electronic distribution of FX products to all client segments. He has devised and driven the implementation of business strategy, working with external consultants at group and divisional level and with stakeholders from across the business, from Senior Executives to Front Office, Compliance and Technology. He has been directly involved in regulatory projects and, as accountable manager for relevant systems and infrastructure, ensured their compliance with regulatory requirements. Stephan has extensive experience in client management, having built and managed successful Sales teams across the full range of FX and other products in FICC markets.


Howard Grubb, CTO

Howard has extensive experience in automated FX trading from working at several of the largest banks, as well as from the buy-side. This experience has included managing and optimising businesses using bespoke analytic attribution models, as well as developing fully automated market making and risk management strategies. He has been responsible for ensuring that system and their management comply fully with regulatory requirements, and for integrating FX payments flow into algorithmic risk management. He has worked on a diverse range of system architectures and stages, from design of new deployments, to analysis and remediation of legacy installations. Howard has worked closely with stakeholders from across all business areas and has managed teams responsible for trading, quantitative development and technology.


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